About DAPA

The David Academy of Performing Arts has strived over the years to deliver to students the highest quality of performing arts education available. Located in the Perth suburb of Canning Vale, DAPA is proud to offer professional group and solo performing arts lessons both online and in person.

At DAPA we offer students flexible, fun, and affordable tuition in singing, musical theatre and drama. Our academy caters to children, teenagers and adults who are looking for group or solo lessons in musical theatre, musical performance, vocal pedagogy, singing, acting, stage craft and voice technique.

The best thing about performing arts is that it can help you excel in every aspect of your life. By applying yourself to your chosen field it can help you become dedicated and disciplined in both your personal life and your career, even if you don’t choose a career in performance.

What We Can Do For You

At DAPA we specialise in a variety of performance arts education programmes for kids, teenagers and adults which include:

  • Group and solo lessons and workshops for all ages in:
    • Musical Theatre
    • Singing and Vocal Pedagogy
    • Theatre and Performance
  • Workshops and Master Classes
  • Online courses
  • Artistic and music direction for concerts and events
  • Customized programmes for schools and institutions
  • Artistic Direction and Event Management
  • Arts advocacy projects and support for
    community arts

At DAPA, we are truly passionate about what we do and we want to see you realise your dreams. Our vocal directors are highly experienced and skilled.

Get in touch today for results-focused, affordable vocal training.