Our Curriculum

At the David Academy of Performing Arts in Perth, we are proud to offer students the best programs available in performing arts education: Our curriculum includes:


Singing & Vocal Pedagogy 


Scientific voice technique based on correct breathing, breath-management and correctly supported and resonated tone. Vocal warm ups and a range of musical genres will be covered so that students get maximum exposure and can find their niche to develop flexibility and versatility.


Basic Movement & Chorography


Physical warm-ups, fun and challenging exercises to develop coordination and rhythm, and exposure to different dance styles through choreographed movement for songs learned.


Acting Skills And General Performance Skills 


Role play, games, improvisation and characterization to help develop dramatic skills. We also train in correct posture, controlling nervousness and utilizing it to enhance performance, attire for stage, theatre etiquette, assessing your audience, choosing repertoire, curtain calls, dealing with nerves, channeling nervous energy efficiently and effectively etc.


Our curriculum also includes:


  • Performance exposure through concerts, competitions and events.
  • Exploration of multiple genres and styles to ensure mastery and versatility.
  • We also prepare students for AMEB and Rock School Examinations.
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