DAPA’s director, Andre David has been directing and producing critically acclaimed shows, concerts, musical theatre productions, festivals and other performing arts events for nearly 20 years. Our amazing and talented students and team are proud to perform for their audience every chance they get. Learning through DAPA’s drama classes, singing lessons, voice training workshops and performance arts masterclasses, all our talented students are ready to step out on stage to show you the stars they have become!

Why Do We Love Shows and Theatre Productions?

  • It helps cement what students have learnt in class through application in front of an audience.
  • Participating in shows gives our students exposure and experience in all aspects of musical theatre and performance education.
  • Performing on stage helps to further boost and solidify the confidence and self-esteem that performing arts education helps develop.
  • Provides students with practical concert and theatre performance experiences which enhance what they have learnt.
  • Gives students an idea of the preparatory work and discipline involved in creating a theatre production.
  • The discipline and focus built up in the run-up to a performance and the follow through on show nights are key life skills that will build student’s personal strength. This will benefit them in absolutely any walk of life.
  • The friendships forged teach cast members so many important lessons on team work, togetherness, tolerance, diversity, kindness, helpfulness, consideration and sensitivity.
  • For kids, performing arts gives students a whole new level of awareness that many other kids don’t get to experience, an awareness made even more apparent through performance experience.
  • Lessons in healthy competition – Learning together, auditioning against each other for parts, then supporting each other in their wins and losses in a safe and nurturing environment.
Performing arts education is hard work, and yet, it can be so much fun! Apart from the experience itself, and the wonderful things that laughter does for us all and especially for kids, it teaches such a potent lesson to kids that hard work can be immensely rewarding, personally satisfying and heaps of fun.


What better way to teach this lesson than by letting them experience it firsthand for themselves at the David Academy of Performing Arts!
What Happens When It’s “Show Time” At DAPA?
What Happens When It’s “Show Time” At DAPA?

From planning to performance, our students experience it all first hand at DAPA!

Our Next Show
Our Next Show

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As a parent you will love the chance to watch them grow in confidence and creativity. You can give them and their natural talents the best opportunity to shine