Show Stoppers (14 -17 years)

Held At

Willetton School
Wednesdays 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Class Duration
1 hour


9-10 lessons
Term Fees
$165 ($55 per month)
*Sibling/Family rates available


Enrolment Fees
*Sibling/Family rates available
The Show Stoppers are a fantastic Singing and Musical Theatre group and we call them that because we find over the years that some of the best performers DAPA has produced have emerged while within this group. Teenagers are at an exciting stage in life when all their talents come to fruition and they begin to blossom and shine as performers and in everyday life when quality training, guidance, mentoring and opportunity are made available. Their voices are starting to change and mature as are their dramatic and analytical ability for drama and characterization. We can now work on some really challenging musical and theatrical pieces, learn complex harmonies and advanced singing techniques.


Teens, just like your body, you voice and vocal organs are going through some major changes too. This means we have to work together to mold those changes in the right way for a smooth transition.
** If you would like us to start a group class in your area and have a minimum of 8 students ready to join,let us know.
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As a parent you will love the chance to watch them grow in confidence and creativity. You can give them and their natural talents the best opportunity to shine