As a successful international performing arts school, the David Academy of Performing Arts now conducts singing and musical theatre group classes, solo lessons, workshops and masterclasses in Perth. We are proud to offer a number of programmes to suit children, teenagers, and adults.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Scientific voice technique.
  • Breath management.
  • Posture and effective communication.
  • Audience handling.
  • Exercises to deal with nervousness and channel nervous energy appropriately.
  • Acting and theatre skills.
  • Improvisation to release and build creativity.
  • Performance exposure through concerts.
  • Competitions and events.
  • Exploration of multiple genres and styles to ensure mastery and versatility.

All of our students are groomed to master correct technique that can be relied upon to build a foundation from which outstanding performing arts can be produced. To ensure our students can tap into the very best in performing arts expertise, we have established a Board of Advisors made up of internationally acclaimed and highly skilled and knowledgeable artists, educators and artistic directors. Our personalised approach to each student ensures that they receive unlimited guidance, support, counseling, advice and coaching.

Start Your Journey. Live Your Dream!

Here at the David Academy of Performing Arts, we’re proud to provide students in Perth with a variety of the best-performing arts education programmes available which are suitable for kids, teenagers and adults. Our programmes include group classes, solo lessons, workshops and performing groups which encompass everything from solo singing lessons, group singing and musical theatre lessons, vocal pedagogy, movement and choreography for theatre, acting and drama.

As a parent you will love the chance to watch them grow in confidence and creativity. You can give them and their natural talents the best opportunity to shine