Musical Theatre

Our musical theatre programs includes:

Scientific voice technique

Posture and effective communication

Musical theatre repertoire

Movement and stylistics

Principals of Musical Theatre

Exercises to deal with nervousness and channel nervous energy appropriately

Audience handling

Acting and theatre skills

Improvisation to release and build creativity

Performance exposure through concerts

Competitions and events

Exploration of multiple genres and styles to ensure mastery and versatility

Our musical theatre lessons entail singing, drama and movement combined with a focus on singing and voice production. Our methodology utilises song repertoire, using each song to teach and impart technical vocal training, acting and presentation skill, theory and principles, interpretation, character study, dramatic concepts and movement.


In keeping with our philosophy on teaching methodology and best practice, our curriculum is designed to suit each individual student’s needs and goals

All of our students are groomed to master correct technique that can be relied upon to build a foundation from which outstanding performing arts can be produced. To ensure our students can tap into the very best in performing arts expertise, we have established a Board of Advisors made up of internationally acclaimed and highly skilled and knowledgeable artists, educators and artistic directors. Our personalised approach to each student ensures that they receive unlimited guidance, support, counselling, advice and coaching.

At DAPA, we are truly passionate about what we do and we want to see you realise your dreams. Our vocal directors are highly experienced and skilled.


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