Online Courses

DAPA offers a menu of targeted online courses focused on specific outcomes for singers and performers.


For singers who wishes to enter competitions and are interested in a career as a vocal artist or performer, The Performing Voice 1 and 2 (TPV1 & TPV2) are the perfect online courses to help you dramatically increase your capability, confidence & knowledge. It is a results-focused, transformational, collaborative learning experience with practical application that puts you in control and connects you to other aspiring stars.


DAPA will also release a Teacher-Training course series next year that puts in the hands of those aspiring to become teachers, all the resources, knowledge and skill we have so that you can impact those around you and create a fulfilling career for yourself.

The Performing Voice

Course 1


8 * 40 minute sessions


TPV1 is a specialised online course for singers wanting to enter competitions and auditions or become a professional artist. This is a results-focused, transformational learning experience with practical application that puts you in control. The course will give you mastery of your vocal instrument, instill the art of singing and performance and give you the confidence to pursue your dreams.

The Performing Voice Course 2


*Release Date – March 2020*


This course will follow on from TPV1 expanding into advanced concepts, vocal and performace techniques. TPV1 is a pre-requisite for TPV2.


Registration for TPV2 will open in January 2020. To register your interest now and secure a spot in the waiting list you can submit your expression of interest below ?

Teacher-Training Courses


Release Date – June 2020


For aspiring teachers of singing and vocal music, these courses will equip you with everything you need to start your career, build your curriculum, choose the correct repertoire for your students, assess and understand voices and voice types and set up and grow your school. You will be taught time-tested and proven teaching methodologies that will help you become an outstanding teacher that impacts and empowers your students to achieve their goals.


To register your interest now and secure your spot on the waiting list you can submit your expression of interest below ?



To register for online courses you will need to complete an online form and complete your payment on our secure payment processing and billing portal.


Upon registering you will receive  a call from one of our seniors vocal directors. This is a personalise call to help us understand your goals and challenges and to get to know you ahead of the course. You will also receive an email with course details, instructions and guidance to help you prepare for the course as well as a course calender and some additional resources.


A week before the course start date you will also receive an orientation video with some additional insights and tips. At this point you will be invited to join the private facebook group for course participants. This will allow you to post questions and collaborate with the rest of the group.


Once the course begins you will receive links via email to join each webinar. You will have access to email and chat support throughout the course. Additional resources will also be made available to you at this time. Remember we are here to support you and help you realise your dreams so participate enthusiatically, ask questions and make sure you do your homework between sessions – it’s a team effort.


Get in touch if you require any further information.


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All of our students are groomed to master correct technique that can be relied upon to build a foundation from which outstanding performing arts can be produced. To ensure our students can tap into the very best in performing arts expertise, we have established a Board of Advisors made up of internationally acclaimed and highly skilled and knowledgeable artists, educators and artistic directors. Our personalised approach to each student ensures that they receive unlimited guidance, support, counselling, advice and coaching.


Andre has not only helped me to grow as a performer but also helped me achieve things I didn’t know I was capable of. He has the talent in making whatever he teaches interesting and a whole lot of fun! 

Lee-Anne Juriansz
15 years old

Andre is so talented, experienced &  full of passion for music and performing arts. I have gained more confidence and inspiration to sing and perform and I truly think you are fabulous and very inspirational.

Lucy Davies
Adult Solo Student

Andre has a way of making Jasmine feel so at ease and relaxed. He has improved her vocal range so much in such a short time that I wish we had found him earlier!

Hayley Dos Santos
mother of Jasmine Dos Santos

At DAPA, we are truly passionate about what we do and we want to see you realise your dreams. Our vocal directors are highly experienced and skilled.

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