Singing & Vocal Pedagogy

Location: Canning Vale

Singing lessons cover scientific vocal technique that ensures the strength and longevity of your vocal instrument.

Our curriculum includes:

  • Breathing & breath management
  • Correct voice placement
  • Flexibility & agility
  • Correction of vocal faults
  • Smooth transitions between registers
  • Stretching and developing vocal range
  • Vocal styles & exploration of various genre
  • Tips & tricks for making the most of practice time
  • Theory & principles
  • Career planning & guidance
  • Unlimited consultation

Musical Theatre entails singing, drama and movement combined with a focus on singing and voice production. The methodology used is to utilise song repertoire which is dramatised and choreographed as required, using each song to teach and impart technical training, acting and presentation skill, theory and principles, interpretation and vocal pedagogy.

In keeping with our philosophy on teaching methodology and best practice, our curriculum is designed to suit each individual student’s needs and goals.

We recommend a trial lesson/assessment class which is free of charge and allows both parties to evaluate suitability and best-fit curriculum.

Solo Lessons (8+ years)
Solo Lessons (8+ years)

Lesson Duration

30 minutes & 1 Hour

Solo lessons in singing and musical theatre are available for all ages and are scheduled throughout the week on a first come, first serve basis. Register in advance to secure your most preferred time.

Master Classes
Master Classes

Lesson Duration

1 1/2 & 1 Hour
Master classes in singing, vocal pedagogy and musical theatre are advanced lessons that provide intensive coaching for specific events like performing gigs, examinations, auditions, competitions and shows. Master classes are also suitable for professional or semi-professional artistes wanting to develop their skill further or correct vocal or technical faults.
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